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dahliart SAI brush settings and tutorials


This pack contains SAI brush settings that I’ve been using for a long time, a guide for how to create these brushes, and some tutorials for how I use these brushes. *Not sold separately*



6 unique SAI brush settings/values guide

7 tutorials: eyes (front), eyes (side), eyebrows, lips, nose (front), nose (side), and hair

2 coloring guides: basic coloring and eye/lip coloring

2 unintegrated psd files with colored layers

DISCLAIMER: The tutorials and coloring guides just show my personal drawing process, which is not always “correct” or logical! As such, they shouldn’t be treated as educational learning tools, but more as a peek into how I approach my art. Please view them at them as a supplement to the brush settings/values.

The pack comes with both a Japanese and English folder. The contents for both are exactly the same aside from the languages.





・SAIブラシ設定値 6種


・メイキング 7点


・色塗り 2点


・色塗りのレイヤー未統合psdファイル 2点



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dahliart SAI brush settings and tutorials

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